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NFL Sundays


We pre set all indoor TV's and seat FIRST COME FIRST SERVED

Walters has over 30 TV's inside and out

We are proud to show all NFL games every week

We are here to accommodate the largest amount of people possible 

We've been running sports bars for nearly 40 years combined. We know everyone wants to show up at 1pm, be seated in front of a tv showing their specific game and have sound for said game. It's impossible to manage. Many bars in DC focus on 1 or 2 teams, but not us. We're glutens for punishment. So we commit to showing every game and prioritize TV's based on what we expect for turnout. Bigger the crowds, the more TV's we will use for those games. We are also in DC, so you are going to get sound and prime showing for the Redskins/WFT/Commanders/Whatever name is next. 

So come have fun, talk trash, but keep it neighborly. 

Jeremy & Brett